Why The West Is A Step Forward Or Backward?

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For many years historians displayed United States as a country trying to accomplish their Manifest Destiny with the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 without seeking the other half dealing with the Native Americans. For the most part, the West-Ward brought beneficial aspects to American culture through trade, population growth and power. The increase of land lead to the many conflict between how United States government wanted to be organized and the morality level of the American people at the time. The United States learning from all the other big countries and trying to learn how to be just as good as them. The great migration to the West also affected the earth in that how human use the land. Yet, the subject of “if the Westward Expansion was a step forward or backward?” is very controversial. At the time, progress was beneficial for the United States, but those benefits came with a cost, such cost that instead of advancements and developments being advantageous factors for humanity, it also became a harmful process in which numerous people were affected in many ways. This all means that progress was to grow as a country, but when achieved, people have to realize the process they had to do to achieve it, which was stepping on other people to get there.

In the year of 1803, the United States made a big purchase of land with approximately 187,000 miles West from Mississippi River with of a market price of $15 million. The land was said to be purchased from France in 1803…
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