Why The Young Girls? Why Strangulation?

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Woman eating uncle of Germany, Joachim Kroll was his name and young girls and grown women were his preferred feast. Kroll was never known for being a cruel person, but his acts portrayed otherwise. Joachim obviously didn’t walk up to his victims and bite their arms and hands off of course not, he was not a wild animal very close but not quite. It takes a person four seconds to lose consciousness by strangulation standing, eight seconds if the individual is sitting, and twelve seconds if the person is lying down and it takes two to four minutes for a person to die from strangulation. Two to four minutes of life flashed before your eyes, two to four minutes until your unknown final destination, caused by a familiar unfamiliar face no…show more content…
After leaving his second childhood home at the age of twenty two Kroll relocated to a city named Duisburg which was located in an area near Northwestern Germany. After relocating Kroll worked as a bathroom attendant Mannesmann the exact type of company was not provided. Shortly after the relocation of Joachim he soon learned that his mother passed away. After the death of his mother Kroll fell into a state of depression he eventually ended up quitting his job and relocating to another city known by the name of Friesenstrasse once again repeating his childhood moving into a small confined one bedroom flat. Since the area Joachim moved to was not a very rich nor an extremely poor neighborhood with many families and children called that same exact same place home. An abundance of children in the region referred to Kroll as “Uncle Joachim” he was known for always providing the children with the newest toys, and the best candy which was extremely compelling to children. The children were all females and he viewed them as his companions, and if he felt like he had a strong connection with them he would consider them as his nieces. The families of the children never viewed his excruciatingly generous acts of kindness as strange, or pedophile like they always believed he was so fond of the children
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