Why There Is Need to Study Ihrm and Cross Culture Management?

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INTRODUCTION Why there is need to study IHRM and cross culture management? For our purposes let's define culture as the way in which each of us is programmed to behave in the environment. Cultures are like icebergs; some features are apparent to anyone not in a fog, while others are deeply hidden. Above-the-surface features include overt behaviors: how people dress eat walk talk relate to one another conduct themselves during public ceremonies such as weddings or funerals. Also included are such things as social distance. Other aspects are so far below the surface that they are hard to recognize. We may see evidence of these aspects, but we usually can't pinpoint them precisely and usually don't have a clue where they came from. They…show more content…
In France and Greece, for example, engineers tend to emphasize theoretical or mathematical approaches over experimental or numerical ones. Other countries, such as Canada and the United States, tend to favor experimental or numerical approaches. Although there is no absolute "right way" to approach technical problems, issues are likely to arise when engineers with different inclinations work together to solve them. On a practical basis, the approaches used by engineers in different countries can also depend on the types of resources available. For example, high labour costs and the availability of skilled workers make process automation and the use of heavy equipment valuable in developed countries, while using large numbers of unskilled workers may be a preferred approach in some developing. Cross-cultural Differences & Telecommunication Cross-cultural issues also arise at the organizational level; because company’s indifferent countries organize their daily business differently. Some of the most noticeable differences include relative hierarchy of departments. The relative power of the various departments within a corporation is often a function of the country where the corporation has its headquarters. For example, the manufacturing departments of merman-based companies have influence over their marketing and sales counterpart’s hat many Canadian and American manufacturing departments can only dream of. Merman
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