Why We Should Be Less Homework Essay

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Why there should be less homework.
Homework is an educational and easy way to allow teachers to get some extra grades in and get some work out that hasn't been done in class. Not only does it increase grades, it sometimes can grasp a concept that a student might not understand in class. Is it really all that good for students? Despite the fact that homework can help a student understand a topic better in class in some cases, but less homework can prevent stress, health problems, and it also improves the amount of free time a student gets with less homework. Some students get lots of homework from each class and it piles up to about 3 or more hours of work. This puts on a lot of stress between the students and the family. Not only does it produce stress, it also leaves a gap where kids should be spending time with their parents instead of doing a lot of homework. This prevents them from completing their work without getting any sleep, possibly lowering their grade level by a lot. Even if they do complete they won't …show more content…

This could lead to less time in personal things. Maybe you're playing a sport and you dream of becoming a pro player. But this piling stack of homework just prevents that. This can and will lower their chance of making it to pro. This can also have an effect on what jobs they can get, and how successful they can be. Also affecting what types of hobbies they have. If they go to college and decide that they don't like what their doing they can do other things, that is if they like anything else. This also limits what kind of jobs they can get lowers their chance of having a good life and being able to support their family in the future. But this not only increases their time for hobbies and such but this also allows for kids to spend time with friends. Kids could start a relationship that could last for the rest of their lives. But if they didn't have the time to do it they could never be in a

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