Why There's Still Value In College

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Don’t Drop Out Why There’s Still Value in College gives insight for the man or women who is caught on one of the many slopes of life needing a reminder of why exactly they payed that tuition. He is borderline biased however does not slander dropping out at all instead reflects on how he was on the brink of doing so himself, even if he was being biased based on the topic it is for purely genuine reasons. Many times we hear people slander the degree just like Alex said “A degree in [English/Sociology/Philosophy/etc.] doesn’t translate to skills in the workplace. Why not learn something practical?This mentality is unabashedly narrow-minded and anti-intellectual.” I never fully realized this statement until now. An EDUCATION can help you strive…show more content…
Total disbelief and strained eyes as I tried to see if the sun was shaped like the typical star we draw. Ever since then my step father became my walking wikipedia and as long as I had the strength to point to something and ask how does that work there was an elaborate interactive answer to follow ,needless to say I enjoy college. I enjoy the long walks of independence to east campus (to avoid freshman 15) all the way to staying in the library for a few hours getting some work done. This article only reinforced my reasoning to stay in college

Before I attended college I obtained the preconceived notion that certain degrees are more valuable than others and how they may be financial they may not be in other aspects. I mean yeah don't expect to be hired as a P.R with a degree in fine arts or any other degree that does not correlate with the career field however each degree is valuable in there own way. A degree means that you have obtained structured knowledge in a field and I believe that carries weight. Being able to say that you are specialized in a field of knowledge sounds really cool to
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