Why Today 's Schools Just Aren 't Cutting It

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Why Today’s Schools Just Aren’t Cutting It

Today’s schools just aren’t cutting it for today’s developing society. Not all students are cut out to sit in a classroom for seven hours a day and sit through boring lectures. Not only are today’s schools not fit for most children, they are killing creativity and keeping students from expressing themselves and being curious about the world around them. With pressure from getting students prepared to take high-stakes test and preparing high school students for college and the future, schools are limiting creativity. “Creativity flourishes at the intersections of traditional disciplines, but traditional means of assessment often marginalize individuals working to define new and unique fields of endeavor. From the high-stakes tests in K-12, to the academic tenure clock, to the economy’s focus on short-term return on investments, American society’s reward structures tend to discourage unconventional thinking and limit risk-taking” (Gonchar, 2013). The real question here is are schools still providing young people with enough opportunities to show their creativity and to express themselves while fitting every student’s need for their future?
Ivan Illich: Disestablishing Schools
“Teaching, it is true, may contribute to certain kinds of learning under certain circumstances. But most people acquire most of their knowledge outside school, and in school only insofar as school, in a few rich countries, has become their place of
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