Why Totalitarian Dictators Separate Children from Their Families

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Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, depicts a totalitarian society that oppresses the ideology of individualism. Within these societies children live apart from their families and grow up without any inherited characteristics of being an individual. Anthem is an example of this kind of society because it showcases the link between a totalitarian dictator’s power to the oppression of individualism found in a children that live apart from their families. Totalitarian Dictators enforce the arrangement of children living separate from their families because it oppresses individualism and allows for a better grasp of beneficial control over a society. Dictators enforce children living separate from their families because without the…show more content…
This proves as a threat to the Council by displaying the possibilities a single individual can have when not bound to the mindset of others. The light brought to the Council may analytically symbolize the power that individualism has in a collective society and the Council’s inaptitude to control the electricity may represent the need for the oppression of individualism in Equality 7 – 2521’s society. Totalitarian dictators oppress individualism in order to maintain power therefore avoiding the threat that single individuals with free minds pose to their power. Controlling these characteristics derived from ones childhood setting can be used in totalitarian societies by giving more power to the dictators because it limits individualistic capabilities by limiting the qualities known unto what a group knows. This type of society is displayed in Anthem because the Council of Scholars control the individualistic qualities derived from the childhood setting and instead teach the ideology of collectivism. This helps express Ayn Rand’s philosophical views by displaying the potential found in those with individual characteristics and how they lead to less power as far as those in control. This shows why totalitarian dictators must oppress the power found behind individualism in order to maintain beneficial power in

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