Why Trump Should Not Compromise With Democrats

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Even with the looming divide, America remains optimistic about the future of the nation, and only 45% of the nation believes that the election did real damage to the nation (Hackman 1). While almost one-in-two Americans believing the nation suffered a blow during the election would seem alarmingly high, with the way the election went, it would be expected that more Americans would agree the election did damage. Also, according to the same survey 59% of Americans think Trump should compromise with Democrats (2). To be sure, this relatively uplifting statistic still remains a headwind to unifying the nation. It remains a fact, according the the Washington Post survey, more than four-in-ten Americans believe Trump should not compromise with Democrats. To say, in a blanket statement, a politician of any stature should not compromise is toxic to its core. Unfortunately, however, both Republicans and Democrats suffer from this never give an inch mentality. When citizens or politicians believe their positions are so superior that compromise is not an option, there is simply no way to convince these people that they are actually wrong or that there may be a better way to solve the problem at hand. There are, however, actions that the people can pressure government to take, which would mitigate and mend the divide. These actions, however, require a champion. With any luck, that champion is Donald Trump. Although a large portion of the nation feels that Trump will destroy America,

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