Why Trump Shouldn 't Cut Funding For Sesame Street

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Why Trump Shouldn’t Cut Funding for Sesame Street Waking early every morning hoping to see the little red furry puppet on my TV screen. The one who taught me how to my ABC’s, how to count and how to express myself. Who taught me feelings were ok and how to make friends. As well as I, I know they are millions of kids across the nation who woke up early to see the furry red puppet on their TV screen. Sesame Street is not just another kids show but is an education system in which develops the younger toddler mind to learn. To advance themselves, to prepare them for school. However our new president Trump wants to cut those funding. For a while now the Republicans have wanted to kill government funding for the younger audience favorite…show more content…
The diversity and the friendly like of the characters grabs the attention of parents and children watching the show. As well as different cultures and religions are depicted to the audience, in a form of education and entertainment. Your child will not even know they are learning but in fact they will be just laughing at singing along with the furry animals. The diversity that Sesame Street utilizes allow for children to feel a sort of connection to the show as maybe they are bright and bubbly like Elmo or are tall and more serious like Big Bird. This shows how everyone is different and despite the fact they are different they are still all able to be friends . Even if it 's being friends with a small furry little monster . Taking this show from children would take away their social awareness. Knowing that it is ok to be different,to have different personalities than other kids who they are friends . Sesame Street shows children how make friends how not to be afraid to talk to another girl or boy , and how they can all be friends and play together . Recently Sesame Street created a new muppet to join the Sesame Street family . The new muppets name is Julia , the muppet is different than all the muppets Sesame Street has created before. Julia is a young girl who has autism. This new character will portray the known symptoms of autism. I believe that this new chapter

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