Why Urban Called For A Crusade In 1095 Essay

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Why did Urban II call for a crusade in 1095?

In order to establish reasons for Urban’s call for a crusade in 1095, we need to look at many accounts of the time, and find out what was happening in the rest of the Christian world which influenced both what and when he said what he did to launch the first crusade. At the time, religion played a major role in almost everyone’s daily lives, and the belief system of the afterlife was extremely strong. It was true that every Christian had a very vivid sense of sin, and believed that if one committed an act of sin, their afterlife would be spent in hell. They all thought of this afterlife as a reality rather than an idea. It was this belief which would help Pope Urban II recruit more men.
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Urban’s public call to launch the crusade was made when he addressed the council at Clermont. However this was not a sudden notion but had been carefully planned.. He arrived in France in late July of 1095,- the first visit by a pope to France for over 50years - and began travelling around the country visiting various towns and villages, interviewing bishops, abbots and powerful nobles. It was during these four months that he had the chance to meet and discuss ideas with seasoned war veterans, such as Raymond of Toulouse and Adhemar of Monteil. It is likely that these influential people already knew of Urban’s plans for a crusade well before the Clermont speech. In addition, after the Clermont Council Urban was very keen to coincide most of his visits to the French towns with the national saints days of the regions, so ensuring large crowds for his speeches and increasing the chances of recruiting soldiers for his “Holy war”.
. The Council of Clermont was the peak of Urban’s French tour .It was attended by a large range of archbishops, bishops and abbots from places around Europe like Anglo-Normandy, Austria and Italy. The clerics had been asked to bring powerful political figures with them. It was Urban’s hope that bringing together clerics and military figures would effectively increase the ‘word of mouth’ for the crusade and maximise the impact of his recruitment. Once Urban rose to make his speech he painted an awful, and somewhat false account
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