Why Using Writing Assignments As Punishment Is Unwise Practice

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1. The reason why using writing assignments as punishment is unwise practice is because it will cause students to associate writing assignments with negative feelings. The association would start with the neutral stimulus, or the writing assignment, because if the writing were not the descried punishment it would most likely not invoke a response one-way or the other. However, since the writing assignment is the punishment, it would become the unconditioned stimulus and it would cause a unconditioned response, or the negative feelings, that could be associated with writing the first time a student is punished. If teachers continue to use writing as the punishment, all future writing assignment would become conditioned stimulus. Then, when having to write anything even when not being punished the negative feeling would become the conditioned responses.

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This concept from classical conditioning illustrated by songs, pictures, or odors is conditioned stimulus. This is because the song, picture, or odor elects a learned feeling. For example, if your significant other breaks up with you and in the back ground theirs a popular happy song being played, and now whenever you here that son git makes you feel sad. Let’s say for some reason you hear the song on the radio all the time and it reminds you of the painful memories of the brake up and it’s that memories that makes you fell sad and not the words of the song. The mood that correlates with the memory, which is evoked by the song, could over time become a conditioned response. The reason why it is a conditioned response is because even after you moved on you still have feelings whenever the song is played. This is because of the memories that are associated with the
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