Why Vaccines Should Be Required For School Children. The

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Why vaccines should be required for school children The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends receiving 29 doses of vaccines as well as a yearly flu shot. But as more and more kids are getting vaccinated a number of parents start to wonder if they should be injecting their healthy kid with such substances. Vaccination is not mandatory by any U.S. federal law, but all 50 states have some kind of vaccination requirement before children enter public schools. Many that promote vaccines point to the illnesses, such as rubella, polio, smallpox, diphtheria, and whooping cough now being prevented due to vaccination. In 1980, smallpox was eradicated globally—the first so far. Polio was eliminated in 1979 in the US. Rubella in the Americas…show more content…
These finding prove that vaccinating children could yield big monetary savings for the specific families affected as well as for society as a whole. Choosing not to vaccinate one’s child could potentially affect the monetary health of the family, forcing parents to take time off work and pay for expensive medical treatments. Having a vaccinated population also brings benefits to the society as a whole. This shows that stricter vaccination laws need to be put in place by the states in order to prevent monetary loss in the future and help the overall community. Another significant reason for the need to have a vaccinated populous is to promote the health of the herd as a whole. Some people argue that the government should not be part of personal medical decisions; these people would say that since we live in a free society, we should be able to choose what we do to our bodies as well as our children’s bodies. However; having an insufficient number of the population be vaccinated leads to health risks to the society as a whole. For instance, states
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