Why Video Games Are Popular Essay

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Humankind has been playing games since the moment we came into existence. Whether it is a sport, a board game, or a child’s fantasy every culture whether it is ancient or modern has something that its people do for fun. As time goes on people continue to invent new games to occupy their free time and entertain themselves. One form of play that has quickly become extremely popular is the video game. The 2011 edition of Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry states that “72% of American households play computer or video games”. In addition video game sales quadrupled in the years between 1996 and 2008 (Video Game Debate).These statistics become even more impressive when you consider how new video games are. The first video game…show more content…
Instead video games became popular because of the wide range of interests that they cater to. Every video game is made up of a combination of several different elements. Good video games tend to be the ones in which these elements fit together seamlessly and at the same time are good enough to be appreciated by themselves. These elements, which include music, graphics, and narrative, work together to give each game with a unique feel. At the same time each element is already an established form of entertainment in its own right. People who are passionate about music can enjoy a good soundtrack. Artists and designers can admire the creativity of the world and characters that must be created for the game. Those who like a good story can get what they do from movies and books with the added bonus of being able to participate in the adventure and sometimes even shape the outcome. People who enjoy all of these things get to enjoy an experience that brings together many of their favorite hobbies and pastimes. For this reason almost anyone can find something to enjoy in a good video game.

A good example of a game that combines all of these features and is beloved because of it is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game was released in 1988 and produced/directed by video game legend Shigeru Miyamoto. The game is widely accepted as one of the best games of all time and has
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