Why Visiting Art Museums

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When visiting art museums there is a sense of community through the arts and through its people. There are groups of people who visit daily, those who work hard daily, docents (people who donate money to the museum but none of them are as colorful as the interns. In the Milwaukee Art Museum, there’s a program called the Satellite Program to gather teenagers for an internship to spread the word of Art. By bringing together different school districts and people you get a weird bunch of art and not so art kids. However they are all unique and talented in their own way. I’ll be telling you of the Milwaukee Art Museum interns that are a bit too dedicated, the ones who slack off, and the one who just started an internship program. Yes, they have their flaws but we are still a big happy bunch of misfit art kids. There’s always one teen that has way too much experience in the art realm. It’s scary how one teen can know and do so much, they are usually the prodigy of a famous artist or they are just born with a paintbrush in their hand. In the intern program there was one girl who had already did like one hundred internships since she was five years old. I was taken aback; to be gifted with so much art knowledge was amazing. The only problem though is when you’re trying to critique an artwork and you have to take notes, your notes are simple and direct. Yet her notes were extravagant, filled with doodles, body art, side notes from the 1400’s and blessed by the Pope. This intern is
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