Why War Is Necessary

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For as far back as mankind dates back in it's existence, there has always been and always will be war. History all throughout the world holds numerous acts of war dating all the way back to the early years of civilization, up until even today's most recent problems. I believe war is a perfectly necessary action, especially when a hostile force makes unjustifiable attacks that put the safety of our country at jeopardy. This does not mean that every issue's solution has to be war. Simply, this means you deserve to be able to protect yourself against a bully. Of course there will always be the thought of being able to live in peace and harmony, but is that a realistic goal? There will always be bad guys with guns who wont take no for an…show more content…
Whether it happens to be your son accidentally breaking your window with a baseball or even something as bad as a hostile nation delivering a surprise attack which results in war, the unintended consequences that happen everyday are what help to create the opportunities of work that pay for us to survive.

The link between war and technology has always been impeccably close. Neither of them would be successful without the support from the other. That is why if war wasn't necessary, then a lot of today's modern technology wouldn't even be invented yet. The outcome of having technology that is old and outdated, instead of having the latest technological breakthrough in your military's equipment has a high potential that could very well cost you the war. Over and over again, our history proves that the biggest advances in technological growth have been a result of warfare. A perfect example of this statement would be how the invention of the tank in the first World War helped Britain achieve victory. In this war, the introduction of the machine gun made it possible to kill large amounts of soldiers at ease which had forced combat on both sides into trench warfare. In order for either side to advance forward, their only choice was to charge straight into rows of machine guns that were just waiting to mow all of them down. In desperate need of some way to cross through the no mans land between the two sides, attention was brought to the idea
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