Why Was A Regime Was Or Was Not Democratic During The Time That World War I? Essay

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Whether a regime was or was not democratic during the time that World War I, World War II, and the Cold War took place has no influence on being the exact cause of the war, because the determining factors of why the previously listed wars occurred lies among the many constraints; protecting alliances, attempts at deterrence, balancing power, acting on misinterpretation, rise in aggression, and difference of beliefs and ideologies in relation to those of people from other countries. It just so happens that the Countries that are not democratic are in a position where they have to deal with appealing to their allies in order to not be alone at war. When approaching World War I, through the use of textual evidence from “Why Nations Go to War” by John G. Stoessinger and information from Professor Roeder’s lecture course the reason for why the rise in aggression, protection of alliances, and acting on misinterpretation are the causes of this war and can be easily merged into one flowing argument by using the concept of what the “Blank Check” is and how it’s application in World War I resulted with Germany turning a small event into a global war. Moving into World War II, lecture will be the road map to providing the necessary factual information, being relative to what Hypernationalism is and its influence on Nazi Germany’ aggression, the difference of beliefs and ideologies in relation to people from other countries, what is to be accomplished with Nazi Germany acting out in
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