Why Was Apollo 13 Success

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Have you ever dreamed of going to space, or walking on the moon? Commander Jim Lovell and officers Fred Haise and Jack Swigert did that exact thing. They were the astronauts that went on a moon landing mission aboard Apollo 13. Many people believe that Apollo 13 was a failed mission, since the spacecraft had an explosion and they had to go straight home. Although, many other people believe that it was one of NASA’s greatest successes. Apollo 13 was truly one of NASA’s greatest successes. The first reason Apollo 13 was one of NASA’s greatest successes because they had many problems after the explosion and all of the problems got solved. One of their first problems they had was the oxygen and power draining out fast. They had no way to gain…show more content…
However, their mission was a success because the three astronauts got back safely which was a help from their teamwork. Even if their original mission failed didn't mean that their new mission to keep the astronauts safe did fail. The astronauts came up with creative solutions to solve the big problem which was getting the astronauts home. According to Apollo 13 Astronauts Share Surprises From Their 'Successful Failure' Mission Jim Haise once said, “There's no question it was a remarkable recovery from a bad situation.” They used teamwork and hard work to get to Earth. They had to make sure they didn't mess up and they had to have a lot of precision and quick thinking. This all led to them solving their unexpected mission. Even though the original mission to the moon didn't go as well they worked very hard and they completed their unexpected mission of getting the astronauts home to Earth safely. Apollo 13 was one of NASA’s greatest successes for many reasons. The first reason is because they had many problem after the explosion and they all got solved. They second reason is that it was a true test of their capabilities and it showed amazing teamwork. Lastly, they successfully got the astronauts back to Earth safe and sound. So Apollo 13 showed everyone that no matter what problem with teamwork, hard work, and persistence you can solve
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