Why Was Gallipoli Important?

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Why was Gallipoli Important?

Despite being one of the most devastating military losses for the allied forces during World War 1, for some reason it is considered one of the most important and celebrated holidays in Australian history. Why was this, that something that cost so many Australian lives, considered something to be celebrated and cheered on about. The answer of this will be explained after a basic background is established.

The Ottoman empire, at the turn of the 20th century was considered one of the weakest empires in the entirety of Europe, weakened by political instability, military defeat and civil strife after a century of decline. In 1908 a group called the “Young Turks” seized control of Constantinople, while a figurehead Sultan was put in place in 1909.

After this a period of reform happened that modernized the out-dated political and economic systems and to redefine the racial make up of the empire. Germany provided significant investment, and German diplomats became influential, despite Britain being the predominant power in the region, the Germans helped in retraining and re-equipping the army with weapons. Despite this support, the resources of the Ottomans were depleted by the cost of the Balkan wars of 1912&1913 and the French, British and Germans offered financial aid to the Ottomans.

A Pro-German faction opposed the Pro-British faction and tried to secure closer relations with Germany. During the Sarajevo crisis in 1914, German diplomats
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