Why Was Hitler Able to Dominate Germany by 1934 Essay

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Why was Hitler able to Dominate Germany by 1934? World War one had left Germany in an unstable state. Large amounts of the state budget had been spent on war pensions, one of the factors contributing to Germany being virtually bankrupt. The war had deepened divisions in the German society, many workers were bitter because of restrictions placed on their wages. Germany could not start to recover and gain power again because it had reparations to pay due to the treaty of Versailles. The Weimar republic was under pressure, it had just survived some serious crises. From the left and right came putsches, assassinations and anti-government propaganda. The economy was weak and was damaged by inflation. The USA brought stability and recovery to…show more content…
The Treaty of Versailles was designed to weaken Germany. The Treaty said that Germany was to blame for the war. Germany resented this; to them the war had been one of self-defence. The Nazi party was against the Treaty and wanted it removed, so did the German people, this was a reason for the German people to support the Nazis and united their hatred. As Germany was held responsible for the war, the allies could claim reparations for the damaged caused by the war, this made it unable for Germany to regain power consequential the German people suffered. The Nazi party was a way out of the suffering because they promised to get rid of the treaty. The Nazi's expressed contempt for the Weimar's democratic system and said it was unable to solve any of economic Germany's problems. Many of the German people also saw that the Weimar government wasn't working as well as hoped this resulted in the German people uniting with the Nazi party because of the negative effects of the government. The Nazi party and the German people were joined together by a negative. The Weimar government was seen as weak, the German people needed a strong leader- Hitler. This factor caused Nazi's to get more support. After a while Hitler decided to get power by legal means. In 1929 the Wall Street crash was the beginning of a worldwide slide into the great
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