Why Was J. Edgar Hoover Played A Role In The Assassination Of King.

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It seems that J. Edgar Hoover had an obsession with stopping Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the Sothern Christian Leadership Conference, but why? How was the Federal Bureau of Investigations linked to King and his Christian Conference? In the investigation of the assignation of King, many suspicious activities from the FBI were uncovered. I will argue that King was wrongfully watched by the FBI, J. Edgar had a personal vendetta against him, and ultimately, he played a role in the assassination of King.
First, why was King under surveillance by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI? The Federal Bureau claims that Dr. Martin Luther King was “initially monitored under its Racial Matters Program, which focused on individuals and organizations involved in racial politics (FBI).” Also, the FBI stated that the agency had “raised concerns as early as March 1956,
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Edgar Hoover played a role in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is fact that the FBI and Hoover were running surveillance on King the day of the assassination and years prior to it. So, how did the team not realize that an assassin was housed one building over from the Lorraine Motel? Even more, how did this assassin, James Earl Ray, escape the murder scene and stay on the run for the next two months? It all seems unreal to me. How incompetent is the Federal Bureau of Investigations? It would be all too easy to believe but it is possible that a more sinister plot was formed. I think a reasonable theory for why James Earl Ray was able to shoot King and escape from the law for two months is because they let him. I believe that the FBI had evidence that King was being watched and that an assassination attempt would be made that day. Hoover did not legally report this information but instead drew away all law enforcement officers from the area. These irresponsible actions allowed Ray a perfect time slot to assassinate King and benefit Hoover by eliminating one of his biggest

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