Why Was Pitt Able to Dominate Politics Between 1783 and 1793

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Why was Pitt able to dominate politics between 1783 and 1793?

In the late 18th century, William Pitt managed to turn what looked like an unstable political situation, the government being known as the “Mince-pie administration”, into a period of dominance for him and his supporters. So strong was his hold on politics at the time that he was able to pass an India Bill in 1784, just two years after Fox’s version of the bill had been rejected and forced the Fox-North coalition out of power. Pitt also had many successes financially, never having trouble in passing his budgets between 1783 and 1993. So how did Pitt manage to gain such a stronghold on British Politics in this key decade of British history? Even though by this decade the
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He also had issues with his image, which was already in a state of ruins at the beginning of Pitt’s 10 years of domination, being seen by many as hypocritical and power hungry due to his part in the Fox-North coalition. In a sense he carried too much baggage from the previous government. The next 10 years did nothing to reverse this. Fox’s associations with the Prince of Wales had a detrimental effect on his viewing by the public and parliament. During the Mrs Fitzherbert ordeal, the Prince lied to Fox, telling him that he had not married her. Fox then passed this information on to parliament, telling the MPs what they had heard in the press was all untrue. Unfortunately for Fox, soon after it became apparent that the Prince of Wales and Mrs Fitzherbert had been secretly wed, making Fox either a liar or an idiot in the eyes of the people and MPs. Another defining incident for Fox was a debate surrounding the regency crisis. Fox, wishing for his friend, the Prince, to come into power, declared that he had no issue with the Prince taking over. In doing this he “unwhigged” himself, effectively arguing the Tory position, as well as seeming overtly opportunistic. The main issue with Fox and his party which caused Pitt to have little trouble in parliament was the nature of their opposition. The Foxites opposed almost every bill Pitt ever suggested. A year after Fox had

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