Why Was The Automobile Important In America

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The Automobile played a big part in the way people go to place to place and it also played a part in the economy and the rapid growth in the United States in the twentieth century. With the higher incomes, it meant that people had money to spend on cars and goods. The inventing of the automobile was the greatest thing people have come up with because know that is the only way people get around these days.
People during this time mainly lived on farms and did not have a fast way to get into town. So people started moving to the cities because more jobs were available and over all better lives. The Automobile was so affordable in America that it started an industrial powerhouse. At first there was an American inventor Sylvester H. Roper invented
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The creation of the twentieth century. There also was a social rank the wealthy could only own the electric light and cars were first because they were the only ones that could pay for it. When there was the higher incomes made the importance to people to have more money and spend it on cars and goods during this time especially after the great depression people went from basically broke to having some money to spend on stuff. Much thanks to cars there was a big production of roads that were made over time and it also connects distant places and communities. One of the very most known highways in the United States is “Route 66” that connects the Midwest and southern California. With cars in being in high demand business started wanting products to be sent to other places. During the 1900’s when millions of people left their home to live in the city in the United States also provided immigrants and other minority groups jobs at assembly lines and other specialized jobs. In the 1920’s the U.S. government became more involved with making the roads matter to connect t major cities. Through 1939-1945 the U.S. government Sayed no production on cars because the U.S. was focusing on the war needs. Company like General Motor Company’s started working on warplanes, guns, tanks, ammunition and armored cars for people now a days their car represents more than their social status. During the three were war posters incourgening the war production effort with the saying “keep’em firing”. In 1956 was when the “Highway Act” was made and it builded a system of insterstate highways. In 1960’s there was a cioncern about air pollution and that’s how the idea started for electric cars. There is about eight hundred million passenger’s cars that people drive across the world roads and highways. In the 1920’s and 1970’s there were some scares about
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