Why Was The Declaration Of Independence Written?

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Why was the Declaration of Independence Written? Just like many other politically based holidays such Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, the American people don’t really understand as a whole what the 4th of July really means or why the Declaration of Independence was adopted. There were true struggles that occurred during these times of oppression that jolted the revolution of America. Today’s America focuses on the liberties gained from it and the sole fact that the Declaration was signed on July 4th by future presidents, but do not know what caused it to be written or what was to be accomplished. Google Scholar The writing of the Declaration of Independence had many causes and reasons to be written. People of this century might not understand how the colonists of the 18th century felt. Today there are many laws and taxes put in place, so many that we can’t keep track, that it is only second nature to accept them. For the colonists, these were hard to accept and one by one kept building tension(resentment), as if each were a breath of air into a balloon before it popped. Carl Becker stated that the writing of the Declaration was, “Not to declare independence, but to proclaim to the world the reasons for declaring independence”(p. 5). It was intended to say that they had already had independence and that they had the same right of every free people; the natural rights of man. It was to centralize their political leader’s idealizations of unfairly
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