Why Was The Korean War Important

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THE KOREAN WAR n June 30, 1950 an unexpected bomb went off and the soldiers immediately ran and took charge. Korea war was a very large war. They had 500 soldiers just in that little time to die. 200 of tßeir soldiers died because of a massive fire that broke out. Korea war was ruled by Japan from 1910 until the closing day of World War Il. The Korean War was important because it helped Am erican's understand, and know the importance of America. Korea war started when North Korea invaded with South Korea„the Korean War was probably the toughest war of the year 19?0. On December 7, 1950 winter in Korea was taking a tragic turn. General MacArthur helped the soldiers by starting a fire. He had to send more troops because the other troops…show more content…
10 of the men were starving to death 4 of them were really sick. So Captain John decides to run down this old bumpy hill to see if he could find any help because they were in the middle of nowhere. And he was also looking for food and he found a shore where there was old dead fish lying upon the shore. So he went and picked about 200 of the dead fish up and carried them back down the hill. On the way back he was looking to see if he could see anyone or hear anyone because he was with a lot of soldiers abandoned up this hill that were really ill. So he got back where they were and he started a fire with his bare hands and he put the fish over the fire and he cooked 200 fish for the ill soldiers. So he went back up the hill while they were eating and he said "If anyone hears me please say something" and he heard a voice and Captain John said" when I fire this weapon come find me!" And when he fired it he saw Captain Magee and Captain John said" I'm so glad you heard my voice"! And Captain John asked Captain Magee if he had an antenna phone and he did so they used it to call out. And they got in touch with one of the soldiers that was back at the union and they told them to get out of that area because there was another attack about to
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