Why Was The Submarine So Pivotal? The Civil War?

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Argument → Why Was The Submarine So Pivotal In The Civil War Alexandra Brown Thesis: The creation of submarines that were used to win Civil wars and control countries were a part of a rapidly growing aspect of technology. Did the submarines only serve a military purpose or did they help in other ways? Did they aid in commerce? Why do we need submarines? What boats were used before? How advanced were they? Alternatives to submarines? Were they equally as effective? Did the use of submarines help a specific country more than others? Who invented submarines first? What is the Alligator and how did it help the U.S. Navy? What was the goal of the first submersible warship of the U.S. Navy? Was its first mission successful? How advanced was its machinery? How did the technology improve over time? What was it built for? ¶ I: Background info: Why were submarines invented? By whom? Where in the U.S? How effective was the use of submarines when they were first invented? Who was on board the first submarine? "Confederate Submarines." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 61, no. 3 (1953): 293-303. http://www.jstor.org/stable/4245946. “The Confederates after secession found themselves with no appreciable navy, little protection for their harbors, and few natural or industrial resources with which to build a navy or conduct sea warfare” The South was desperate in 1863 after losing control of the Mississippi River after the defeat of Vicksburg First boat that achieved
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