Why Was The Treaty Of Versailles Important

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In this essay, I will discuss about the importance of the Treaty of Versailles for Germany. Personally I believe that it was of crucial importance for Germany and I will show why this is the case and why I believe this. I will also expand the points which I have taken into consideration before coming to my conclusion.
The Treaty of Versailles imposed strict limitations on the German Army. In fact, in Germany’s armed forces were limited to: only 100,000 men, conscription was banned, they were only allowed to have six battleships, the Rhineland became a demilitarised area and they were not allowed to have submarines and aircrafts.This was significant as Germans were not happy about this and Hitler managed to use this as an argument to fuel German’s hatred towards the Treaty of Versailles and consequently gained more followers and rise to power.
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On the other hand, the army was a symbol of pride, therefore, to have such a small army was humiliating for them and after the Treaty, Hitler managed to use this into his favour as he kept reminding Germans of this humiliation and consequently, he gained more support. Hitler came into power because he wanted to overthrow the Treaty of Versailles and restore German pride and consequently gain more support. Hitler succeeded to make the Germans believe that the Jews and the leaders who signed the treaty were to be blamed and eventually called them November Criminals. He clearly portrayed those ideas in his book, Mein Kampf, which he wrote when he was in prison following a disastrous outcome of the Munich putsch. He had realised that he could take control of Germany by force, so, he managed to increase his support by displaying how the Treaty of Versailles was impacting Germany. He particularly wanted to rearm Germany following its disarmament as per the Treaty. German citizens hated the fact that they had to disarm and Hitler managed to use this hatred to convince them and gain
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