Why Was There An Explosion Of Cathedral Building In Europe During The High Middle Ages

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1) Why was there an explosion of cathedral building in Europe during the High Middle
Thanks to all these technical developments developed during the Gothic period, the master builders were able to build more slender, tall and light structures. But in any case, the vaults exert a series of transversal thrusts that cannot contain excessively high pillars, so that it was necessary to find a constructive solution that would unload these pushes towards the outside. This solution is the system of flying buttress and abutment, equivalent to the old abutments attached to the wall, which should have reached gigantic proportions to withstand the new lateral efforts. The new architecture evolved rapidly in the Île-de-France. The origin is located in the Abbey of Saint Denis (1140-1144), pantheon of the kings of France located near Paris. The bishops of the most prosperous cities, competing for the skill of their artisans and architects, set out on the career of the construction of cathedrals, rivaling in splendor and prestige. The best examples are concentrated in this area of France around Paris, and among them stand out, with their starting dates: Laón (1160), Paris (1163), Chartres (1194), Bourges (1195), Reims (1211) , Amiens (1220) and Beauvais (1225).
Although the best Gothic architecture was religious, magnificent civil and military buildings were also built. One of the most impressive is the Krak of the Knights (1131) in Jordan, a fortress built by the Order of the
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