Why Was Vincent Van Gogh Famous?

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Why was Vincent Van Gogh Famous? Vincent Van Gogh was born March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherland. Growing up Vincent was the oldest child, he had five siblings two brothers, and three sisters. Vincent spend most of his time with his new born brother Theo. He had to take care of his brother seen his mother and father had to work. Since Vincent didn’t have time to go to school he had to get home schooled.

Even though Vincent had to get home schooled he didn’t let that stop him. After Vincent stopped taking care of his little brother Theo he went off to become famous for his painting skills. Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris and he discovered impressionists and post impressionists art. While in Paris Vincent Van Gogh also was practicing
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This was a good thing for Vincent, because he need his family and he didn’t want to reach out to them, because of the way he pushed them away. When Vincent finally seen that he really needed help, so he committed his self to a mental asylum in saint. Vincent only stayed in the mental asylum for a little while. After Vincent got out of the mental asylum he started to paint again he didn’t try to get it out in the open, because he just wanted to take a break. From everyone and he just wanted to paint and be with his family, that made Vincent feel much better and he didn’t feel like he was crazy. When Vincent started to paint he was happy he was getting some of his best work been, that is when Vincent started to want more people to see his artwork he let his family see his artwork. So Vincent start to let everyone see his artwork like his friend Paul Gauguin they became friends when Vincent started to paint that was a good place for Vincent to start. So Vincent start to let people see his artwork, but it was not going as fast as Vincent would have liked it to be he was mad, because he was starting all over from the beginning and and couldn’t believe it was taking so long. The last time Vincent let other people see his artwork they loved it, but this time he didn’t get the same response that he wanted and at that point Vincent didn’t know what to do. He just kept painting and kept showing people. With Vincent past behavior some people didn’t

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