Why Was Vladimir Lenin And The Bolshevik Revolution Impact The Lennov Dynasty?

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Vladimir Lenin Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution impacted the Romanov dynasty in countless ways. Lenin was physically incapable of leading the masses already controlled by a powerful monarch. Therefore, when the war led to Nicholas II stepping down from his throne, Lenin was finally given a shot at controlling Russia. Hence, the Russo-Japanese war was incredibly significant to Lenin because it was the beginning of his soon to be domination of Russia. This was a significant event in Lenin's history because it showed how Russia began to fall and Lenin began gaining supporters. Bloody Sunday was also a major event for the Romanov Family because this was when his people turned against him and started rebelling, leading up to his murder. Lenin an inspirational leader of both Russia and the Bolshevik Party, was in control of countless aspects of Russia and was prominent political figure.

Russo-Japanese War The Russo-Japanese War lasted from 1904 until 1905, beginning with the Japanese initiating a surprise ambush on the Russians. This led to Nicholas II and his people growing apart (Trueman, 2016, para. 2). Many of his people were living in poverty and were anything but prepared to fight. Unfortunately, old men and young children were recruited to fight in the front line. Soon, the people realized how little power they had and the country began to collapse. Surprisingly, many of the citizens actually started asking for a
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