Why Was Ww1 Avoidable?

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There has been much debate about if World War I was avoidable or if it was bound to happen no matter what. Ultimately, the argument boils down to if changing the series of events leading up to WWI would have influenced the decisions to go to war. WWI was avoidable because Germany could have not feared the future balance of power in Europe and Bismark and the Kaiser could have made better diplomatic decisions. Germany feared the shifting power balance in Europe and therefore made some unnecessary moves that contributed to WWI happening. The power balance in Europe was relatively equal with the creation of the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, and Russia) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy). However, Germany was surrounded…show more content…
First, the 1878 Berlin Conference led to Russian concessions and led to the Russian animosity of Germany, leading to Russia and Germany growing apart (Nau 98). If Bismark had decided to reconcile with Russia and try to fix their fractured relationship, then perhaps Germany and Russia wouldn't have mobilized as quickly against each other — instead, they might have sent more telegrams, thus avoiding WWI. However, the Kaiser could have made better decisions himself. First, he didn't have to damage the Russia-Germany relationship even more, which led to an alliance between France and Russia (Nau 99). The Kasier also didn't have to start a naval rivalry with Great Britain (Nau 99). The Kasier's poor choices led to Russia, France, and Great Britain becoming German rivals, and since these countries surrounded Germany, Germany probably got frightened. So, Germany decided to train its army and mobilize as soon as they felt threatened. This choice of quick mobilization led to WWI. If the Kasier chose to make amends with Russia and not bother Great Britain with a naval rivalry, then WWI could have also been
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