Why Was the Constitution a Controversial Document

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Why was the Constitution a controversial document even as it was being written? The United States Constitution is the very foundation that the nation has been built upon, but its birth was not easy. The framers of the Constitution divided over many key issues relating to it and often argued at length over the creation, ratification, and implementation of this imperative document. Since the Constitution came into being it has been the epicenter of Civil Rights reforms, questions of state sovereignty versus national supremacy, and recently it has been looked to for questions about universal healthcare and what may or may not constitute a marriage. Currently the oldest “living” Constitution in the world; interpreting the United States…show more content…
Finally, another controversial issue was that the Constitution itself did not specify what constituted citizenship, nor did it provide for specific rights to the citizenry of the United States; issues that spawned the Bill of Rights. Although a series of compromises were made to placate multiple interests the controversy surround the Constitution did not end with satisfied agreement by all parties. The Constitution was still hotly debated and opposed by some prolific leaders for the American Revolution, but due to a highly organized national propaganda campaign the Constitution was ratified in a relatively short amount of time. However, even with the Constitution ratified disputes over how it should be implemented trailed in its wake. A two party system emerged; though each side refused to admit that it was a two party system, and continued to contribute to a growing rift between advocates of a large/strong versus a small/weak federal government. The series of compromises made to ensure the success of the Constitution, while controversial, accomplished exactly that. The United States Constitution has survived through two World Wars, multiple natural disasters, economic depressions/recessions, and even the Civil War; and even that nearly tore the country in two. The Constitution will always be a controversial document because it retains a certain amount of adaptability for
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