Why Was the Soviet Union Attacked by Germany in 1941?

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The invasion of the Soviet Union can be seen as one of Hitler’s greatest blunders. In 1941 Hitler and Stalin were in a non-aggression pact. Hitler decided to waive that pact and invade the Soviet Union in 1941 with Operation Barbarossa. Hitler’s decision to invade the Soviet Union was a great risk and ultimately led to the 3rd Reich’s downfall. The Soviet Union was a country full of vast resources and a much higher population than Germany. There seems to be so many risks involved with attacking the Soviet Union. So why was the Soviet Union attacked by Germany in 1941? Hitler wanted his country’s population to grow. The German land mass was small and if Hitler wanted a growth in population he would need more land. Hitler was quoted saying,…show more content…
Ukraine’s great farmlands could be used for other crops that could help feed the rest of Germany and the German War Machine. The Caucasus Mountains had an abundant supply of petroleum that Hitler desperately wanted to gain control of. Petroleum was an important factor in his war effort. Hitler would need the petroleum to be able to keep his tanks moving and the planes in the air. In the northern area of the Soviet Union there were copious nickel mines. There were various areas that had iron ore in the Soviet Union. In the Baltic region there was a great supply of agricultural products like grain, hogs, butter, eggs flax and seeds. The Soviet Union was Hitler’s answer to many of the raw material and agricultural deficiencies that his country faced. Hitler’s hope of gaining strategic lands that were full of vast resources for his war economy can be seen as an influential motive for attacking Russia. The raw materials would rid him of the burden of material deficiency caused by the British blockade and the subsequent shortages that he faced. If Hitler were able to defeat the Soviet Union he would accomplish, “his long-desired goal of economic autarky.” One other reason behind the German attack in 1941 was ideologically based. Hitler viewed Jewish Bolshevism, “as the antithesis of Nazi ideology” In Hitler’s view he believed that Jewish people were the driving force behind the rise of the Soviet
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