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Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
I chose the book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill. This book really opened my eyes to a lot of marketing issues. In all honesty, I chose this book because I’ve always found the idea behind shopping interesting and I’ve always wondered why I walk out of the store with an item I don’t even need. After reading the book, I discovered that this book is actually not about that at all. This book is actually far more interesting and tackles some serious problems in marketing today. These days, very few stores open to serve new markets. The primary purpose of a store in this day and age is to steal someone else’s market share. The book outlines key elements that are
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The main priority for retailers is to get customers to stay in the store longer, and this important KPI needs to be measured as well. It’s crucial that retailers work on staff and customer interaction. The more employees interact with customers, the more money customers will spend in the store. It’s critical that retailers consider this fact before understaffing to reduce wage overheads. A common mistake retailers make is cutting back on floor staff which decreases customer interaction and will hurt customer sales. It’s critical that retailers know who their target market shoppers are and how to appeal to their needs and wants. The book details examples of how women feel when they shop. Women don’t like to be approached or touched in a store which is why several retail outlets use wide aisles. The concept of marketing to women is significantly different than marketing to men. This is one example of why knowing your target market is critical. The store layout is also very important and should reflect the nature of the target market. The narrower an aisle is, the less time a woman will spend in the aisle. The most noticeable part of the store is the store entrance. People tend to flock to the store entrance the quickest and will not stop to read any advertisements, signs, or displays in the windows. The best way to take advantage of customer traffic at the store entrance is to have

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