Why We Can Not Explain About The Future A Thousand Years From Now

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If I were to think about the future a thousand years from now, I think it will look like the book Dawn by Octavia Butler. There are things we cannot explain on earth such as the Stonehenge in England. There is also evidence that humans could destroy the Earth and each other. Earth as we know it know could very well be what earth was like in Dawn right before the humans destroyed each other on earth. For centuries, there has been speculation about life outside of Earth. We often see reports of UFOs that cannot be explained. The size of the universe is unfathomable. It is almost impossible for a human mind to grasp the vastness of the universe. Our universe is continually expanding so that even if we could grasp how big it is it would be larger than what we had just realized. There are several scientific theories that suggest there may be multiple universes. It is very possible that there is an outside light. Reporting from inquire is looked at in America as false and fake. However, there are so many things we do not know about because we as people refuse to believe it. There are many things in this world we cannot explain. For example, the megalith Stonehenge in England. With all our modern technology, we still only have theories on why Stonehenge was built, what it was used for, and who the people were that built it. Historians and archaeologist have no empirical evidence on how this massive stones were set in England. If Stonehenge were built in modern times,
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