Why We Chose Go For Barnes And Nobles

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We chose go to Barnes and Nobles, because we are fascinated by their ability as a company to target multiple age groups and sustain being successful. Their target market are people that love to learn and enjoy reading. They appeal to all age groups not just one market segment and are able to do so as a result of their variety of different sections. They stack the shelves, as you can see in the pictures below, abundantly full with their products, however when shopping we noticed they are almost too cluttered with too many things on them to make a choice simple. We found it very interesting on how specific they use their signage to direct customers from general sections down to specific topics. Thier use of different colored signs such as purple, blue, green and white also help make it easier to navigate the store. When entering the store from the outdoors you are greeted by bargain deals in the entrance way, whereas entering from the mall side you notice a much more grand entrance to the store. They put their customer service center in the direct middle, which is also surrounded by new released books, discounted best sellers, and a variety of different age groups from kids to adults to try and draw customers to the middle of the store. Directly after the the bargains is the music and video section, and upstairs contains the Barnes & Nobles Jr. as well as some of the most popular sections of romance, mystery and relationship section. A unique feature is throughout the entire
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