Why We Crave Horror Stephen King Analysis

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Wes Craven’s horror movie “Scream”, inspired the gruesome murder of Gina Castillo. Castillo’s sixteen year old son and his fifteen year old cousin killed Gina Castillo. Why would anyone wish to watch the petrifying film, “Scream”? What would trigger a person to take inspiration from the horror movie, “Scream”. Stephen King describes horror as a piece of the human condition. Author of several horror novels, Stephen King wrote an essay titled “Why We Crave Horror.” In this paper he thoroughly explains why the human species craves horror and how it makes humans feel. In this essay, Stephen King precisely claims that humans desire, horror because horror pushes them to face their fears, renew their feelings of normality, and to expose…show more content…
People watch horror films to renew their feelings of normality. Caught up in our lives, we all begin to lose our sense of feeling like a normal person. By watching the peculiar events and characters in a horror movie, a person can replenish their normality. Stephen King offers another example from a horror movie that compares humans to the ugly personae in a horror movie--“Freda Jackson as the horrible melting women in Die, Monster, Die!” (King, “Why We 1) makes us feel, to put it bluntly, normal. King continues to use this example to prove we are “light- years from true ugliness” (King “Why We 1). Humans require the strangeness of horror movies to demonstrate they are normal. A short story by King represents an example on how to compare a “regular” person to the main character of the story “Strawberry Spring.” King states that everyone is a tiny bit insane, and they need horror films to contain their insanity. King describes how even a “normal” person has a minuscule piece of insanity living inside them, “ Your insanity leads you only to talk to your self when you are under stress” (King, “Why We” 2). The average person has a mild case of insanity and to view a horror movie or read a terrifying story about strange characters it reestablishes their sense of normality. In “ Strawberry Spring” the main character loses control of his own mind when the fog comes. When he loses control he carves
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