Why We International Students Need For Share Our Stories

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Why We International Students Need to Share Our Stories
Once there was a girl named Grace, who came from a very poor Christian family in Africa. It was hard for her family to get the basic needs such as food, clean water to drink or bathe, payment for rent, and clothes. As time went by, her family saw God working in their life, meaning they started getting the basic needs, and when Grace finished her secondary school, she got an opportunity to go and study at a university in America. She was very excited for this opportunity because she knew that it would open many opportunities for her and her whole family. Thus, when she arrived to the university in America, everything was amazing for her, and she thought it was a dream. As a result, she pinched herself and realized that it was real, and she thanked God for everything.
Nevertheless, living on the campus was hard because she felt like she did not belong there. This was due to being a person who judged other people based on their actions. So when she noticed that the people around her were pretending toward her, it broke her spirit, and she decided to isolate herself. She did not share her stories with those people because they would not really listen to them; likewise, she felt like she did not have the right to do so since she was different from the people around her. Therefore, this essay will explain why we international students in America have the right to tell our stories and should tell our stories to people on…

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