Why We International Students Need For Share Our Stories

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Why We International Students Need to Share Our Stories
Once there was a girl named Grace, who came from a very poor Christian family in Africa. It was hard for her family to get the basic needs such as food, clean water to drink or bathe, payment for rent, and clothes. As time went by, her family saw God working in their life, meaning they started getting the basic needs, and when Grace finished her secondary school, she got an opportunity to go and study at a university in America. She was very excited for this opportunity because she knew that it would open many opportunities for her and her whole family. Thus, when she arrived to the university in America, everything was amazing for her, and she thought it was a dream. As a result, she
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These stories will benefit others, even if some people might not respond well.
Now let’s explore why international students have the right to write an autobiographical essay. First of all, we know that not everyone gets the opportunity to go study in a university, and those who study in American universities somehow seem to have the same life experiences or lifestyle. So, when an international student enters into this new stage of life, we become very afraid because we realize that we are different from the rest of the people around us. Our first reaction is to isolate ourselves, or “self-segregate,” as Pamela Leong said in “Coming to America” (Leong 468). This self-segregation occurs due to language and cultural barriers. Because of these barriers, we see that the solution would be to just associate ourselves with the people who look like us or who are experiencing the same situation as we are and not associate with the American students who are around us.
Having this reaction is normal. Unfortunately, it is not a healthy practice because isolation can cause depression, or sadness in a person’s life and also there is always a reason why people are put in a certain place. As a result, I urge my fellow international students to practice being themselves and share their stories to the people around them because it is the healthiest way to live in the community. After all, every single person is called to live in a community—a community where not everyone is the
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