Why We Love TV's Anti-heroes

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Today's TV protagonists are very different from those of early television, but we still love them.Why? In his article, Stephen Garret starts to emphasize the point that our favorite television characters are actually extremely corrupt and morally ambiguous people. He argues that characters who always do the right thing no longer hold any interest to the average person because they are predictable. A lot of people are considered TV affected, so probably the term "anti-heroes "is well-known. What is a anti-hero and his characteristics, what are some examples representing anti-heroes and most importantly why do we love them, are three points that will be discussed above.

In today's society the word hero or heroic is abused in the news, in sports reports and in conversations. Actually the heroes toady are completelly different fromthose of two or three decades ago. a hero for us is Tony Soprano, The Shield's Vic Mackey or Mad Man's Don Draper, which are all criminals, cold-blooded assasins or liars. What has happened to our world that makes people change the hero DNA? It's the twenty-first century and what is actually taking over the TV is the "anti-hero." "The anti-hero is a personage that does not have the qualities of the traditional admirable leading man or woman.He or she lacks kindness, courage and gentility, but most importantly moral grace." Simply said the, the anti-hero is a personage who undergoes the normal social processes, but…
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