Why We Love Tv Anti Heroes

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Daniel Holland April 13, 2014 Why We Love TV’s Anti-Heroes Is it possible today’s generation gradually evolved into an era in which selfishness and evil overpowers good? Over the past years society perceives the idea of a hero differently than it was perceived in the 21st century, nevertheless impacts our society hugely. It is no surprise why youth of today enjoy T.V. shows that are driven by torture, killing, drugs and drama. In fact these are among the T.V. shows with higher ratings. Hero is characterized as a person of good character who performs beneficial acts towards a community and influence an individual self-concept in a good manner. Today, the new hero is the anti-hero and his morally reprehensible conduct is excused by a…show more content…
All while committing a massive amount of crimes and killing. However, this American series was ranked the highest T.V series of all times. This televised show is an example of the type of entertainment our culture and youth in particular is driven and interested in watching. Traditional heroes are no longer appealing in today’s evolving culture because they represent unattainable expectation, and feel unrealistic because they do not portray realistic behavior throughout today’s society’s lifestyle. Instead, this culture is driven by the “underworld” of the anti-heroes. Stephen Garrets argues, “Because it appears that no one on TV can be truly good or evil anymore, we’re suffering from what it called “anti-hero overload” (320). Evidently, being definitively upright no longer appeals the audience who continue to tune in to T.V. shows such as Dexter, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad to name a few. All have in common a massive production of killing and torture and are among the highest rating televised shows. In a recent study Courtney Subramanian states, “Breaking Bad wrapped up its five-season run this year with an episode that was estimated to have been downloaded 4.2 million times. The show had an average of 10.28 million viewers tuned in on television per episode.” Breaking bad surpassed many great
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