Why We Must Go Back And Start A New Beginning

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Purpose is the reason why everyone lives in this world. People find the purpose by living in this world. After, they set their goals, then, go through the struggles to achieve their challenges. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they make it to it. However, when one fail at something then, one feel like to go back and start a new beginning. It is like one have done the worst thing, then want to die, but they do not think there is still time to repent because if they die, they will not be reborn. I agree with this quote because one who does not think that it is not over, one can start over the bad ending and make it to the happy ending. Starting point can begin in every second, one just needs to believe in themselves and take an action through it. This quote is reliable for every single person in this world. This quote is very motivational and supportive for everyone because we would not get life for twice and it is better to use this life very wisely. Sometimes people stop trying due to lack of self esteem and motivation which are the most two important things everyone need in their life. This quote relates to my life in many ways. I am not a robot that I will not have emotion. Sometimes being in an emotional situation, many make huge mistakes which will impact life afterwards in the future. It is very crucial to think twice before we do something because future depends on the present. First of all, It was my senior year in High School. I suppose to pass all
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