Why We Need A Military Draft Today

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Bobby Harms Period 7 December 8, 2016 Persuasive essay Why We do not need a Military Draft today. The Military Draft has been a major part in United States history. The draft has been used in four different conflicts in the United States of America. It was used in Both world wars, the Civil war, and the Cold war. It might have been effective during these times, but it also causes great corruption and sacrifice. It caused families to lose their sons and friends. Many people lied about their age to join the war, and they were too young and didn’t understand the consequences of war. War is never a good thing to be in, in any circumstance. It this paper I will give you reasons why we don’t need a United States draft. As Americans we have to be thankful that we have a strong and productive Military, so we can have our freedom and safety in times of need. My first point it that the United Stated has a strong Military. The United States military is very powerful today and has many soldiers joining and fighting each year. The United states has the largest Military in the world if you combine all of its aspects. It has the most Military vehicles than any other Military. It has many types of transportation. It has Naval Ships and Submarines, Air force planes and fighter jets, Army Tanks, Humvees, Helicopters, and many more. The United states military has a total of 1,400,000 active members, 8,848 Tanks, 13,892 aircrafts, and 72 submarines

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