Why We Need Immigration Reform

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Why we need immigration reform
Immigration is important to America and so is Immigration reform. The laws we have in place are unfair and unsuccessful to all of us. In order to progress we need to look in our country’s past to advance to our future. Our economy and society can learn and advance with immigration reform.
Our laws on Immigration need an upgrade and most politicians would agree that we need immigration reform also. Immigration reform is the renewal of our immigration laws, but little progress has been made to make this a reality. Obama has made several actions to hopefully allow immigrants to have a chance to become citizens, but no new laws have been put into action.
Presidential candidates are speaking a lot about immigration reform. Democrats tend to want laws to become more relax while republicans tend to be opposing that view. Democrats want to allow immigrants a better chance at becoming citizens. Republicans want to close our borders; some are more extreme than others.
Many people think that allowing more people in our country will increase drugs and crime rates but statistics say otherwise. “Increasing amount of people are coming from central America seeking asylum” according to CFR Senior Fellow Edward Allen. People are coming for a better chance at life and hoping that The United States will supply that gift. There’s not any evidence proving that allowing people in the U.S will somehow increase drug rates. So why do we treat people
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