Why We Need Leaders of Integrity in Government Essay

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How many times a year do we turn on the news only to see another depressing story about how our government leaders have failed their duties? How many times do we hear tales of leaders dealing below the board, working on their own agenda or for their own enjoyment, rather than working for the people that they serve? From the president of our country to lowly mayors of small towns, there are numerous examples of leaders that have failed to properly guide our country because of their irresponsible personal choices. Even though some people blame the system for flaws in our government, the real problem lies with the people who run it, which is why what our government needs, are leaders whose goal is to serve the American people and keep their …show more content…
Even when storms come, the building will continue to stand because there is nothing in it that is flawed, no piece that does not belong, and no cracked or faulty cornerstone. A leader that has integrity will be like that skyscraper, firm in all of their beliefs, someone who knows what they believe and does it, a person that will not fail when storms come, but will stand strong in the face of difficulty.

Now that we have a good idea what integrity is, we can look at how to keep it. Keeping integrity is one of the hardest things to do in this world. The Bible says, “Insert quote about bad people wanting to corrupt good people here.” It is difficult to tell if a leader will be able to stay true to what he says until they are actually leading. One way to tell is to look at who they are serving. Are they serving themselves? If so, when they lead they will be very tempted to go back on their word, lie, steal funds, have affairs, and simply not deal above the board. When a leader performs his duty correctly it’s called serving, serving a term, or serving in office, but they’re not supposed to be serving themselves, they are supposed to be serving the people they lead. When leaders serve themselves they are more apt to use their power only to benefit themselves rather than their people. Abraham Lincoln said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” So the

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