Why We Need Planned Parenthood

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Why We Need Planned Parenthood In July of 2015 an undercover video was released to the public claiming Planned Parenthood engages in the selling of fetal tissues. These highly doctored videos released as apart of a series by a group called The Center for Medical Progress in attempt to uncover this “malpractice” within Planned Parenthood clinics. The selling fetal tissue for profit is an illegal activity in the United States therefore the topic alone became of interest to the public. Due to the graphic nature of these videos telling this horrific story, it gained much attention from the public and the media, leading Planned Parenthood to come under a great deal of fire. It became such an issue that a bill went to congress arguing for Planned Parenthood to be defunded by the government. The misinformation spread by this group, and others alike, is dangerous for the otherwise unknowing public and could have led to a very negative outcome that would affect the public more than it is aware. In 1916 Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic in Brooklyn, New York to provide contraceptives to women. The clinic was highly controversial and faced many issues due to birth control’s illegal nature at this time. Sanger continued in her efforts and in 1923 she started the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau in Manhattan and the American Birth Control League, which joined to become Planned Parenthood Federation of America (Planned Parenthood). Since it’s creation, Planned Parenthood
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