Why We Need Stricter Gun Control

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There have been many incidents in the past based on the lack of gun control. These incidents range from an incident with one other person to mass shootings. There are three big issues that woke up our society: the Trayvon Martin case, the Colorado movie theater murders, and recently the San Bernardino shooting. These incidents will help illustrate the reasons why we need stricter gun control. Firstly, the Trayvon Martin case is an issue that got a lot of publicity in mid-2012 to early 2013. Trayvon Martin was an African-American minor who was visiting his father. He left the neighborhood to purchase skittles and a beverage, then returned to his father’s neighborhood. George Zimmerman, a Hispanic adult, was the neighborhood watch person. He thought that he was suspicious so he called the cops, saying profanities about the young man (Botelho and Yan). The cops told him to not approach the young man and that they would come to the area. He proceeded to approach him without permission and insinuates that he shot the young man in self-defense after a physical altercation. Trayvon, sadly, passed away onto a better place. Zimmerman had a trial for this issue and the verdict said not guilty, he was acquitted (Botelho and Yan). This issue alone proves that there is a lack of gun control. A man who did not respect authority killed a minor, who was innocently walking home. He said himself that he just looked suspicious, but if individuals are truly suspicious one would allow the police

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