Why We Need The Liberal Arts

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Many teachers don't encourage their students to not pursue a liberal arts degree, why might this be? Joseph R. Urgo from The Baltimore Sun answers many of these questions in his article "Why We Need The Liberal Arts". The Liberal arts is, "the academic course of instruction at a college intended to provide general knowledge and comprising the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, as opposed to professional or technical subjects. Joseph R. Urgo article he explains why we need more students to be encouraged into liberal arts instead of being told " a liberal art education won't prepare you for a job," Or "what can you do with a degree in Philosophy? English?" What many teachers don't tell their students is that a liberal arts degree can be applied in many other fields of work. I agree with the author in his article, abstract thought and intellectual "exercise" are very important. Abstract thought is thinking beyond concrete objects and simple ideas; Examples of abstract thinking include, solving a math problem that only involves numerals and symbols and using a metaphor to refer to an angry person as a "raging bull." Many people disagree that a liberal arts degree is useful and encourage their children to stay always from the thought of a degree in this field. I personally disagree that…show more content…
If they did not eat the marshmallows they receive a second one, but if they did eat the marshmallow they wouldn't receive another. This experiment is an example of delaying gratification. Urgo go's on to explain in the article that " We need to staff our collective brain trust, to encourage young people with the capacity and the will to delay immediate material reward so that we may direct them through an arduous and extended period of intellectual training and preparation." I believe that Joseph R. Urgo would agree with the idea of delaying
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