Why We Shoud Go to Mars

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Why We Should Go to Mars Kenneth C. Brown II Why We Should Go to Mars Richard, an author for the website GOVTEEN Global Community, wrote an article briefly explaining why we as a nation, should not go to Mars. Some of the key points of his argument against going to Mars stressed that the financial cost would be too high, it would require several new spacecraft and ground habitats, and several new technologies that currently do not exist. He also was concerned about the budget cuts that have already stripped the National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) to a shell of what the space program used to be. He also stressed that we are still in an armed conflict that has put a strain on our nation, economically and emotionally.…show more content…
The American people find themselves frustrated with their elected officials now that there is a government shutdown in effect with no immediate end in sight. The nation is once again in need of a beacon, positive light to stand behind, something to fire the minds of the young and old, something to inspire a nation to see beyond their frustration and anger. Safely landing and returning humans from Mars, the closest Earth-like planet in our solar system, would be the biggest accomplishment for generations. It would capture the imagination of not only our nation, but the world. From the initial launch, to the six month transit, to the landing. would help to inspire new technologies for generations. The technology used to get the crew there and back, would eventually find it's way into the private sector and enhance to lives of the average person or household. Yes, it would be expensive: however the payoff would be worth the risk. When our space program was in its infancy, racing against the Russians, it suffered many setbacks. We lost several spacecraft to explosions on the launch pad, and lost crew members to horrific fires, as was the case in the Apollo program. Millions of dollars were poured into the space program during that time, a lot of money for that time period. Eventually it overcame its failures to succeed when it mattered. There is also the competitive spirit that has historically driven our nation to try and be first in

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