Why We Should Allow Students To Opt Out Of High School

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Should high test scores allow students to opt out of high school? Allowing students to opt out of high school is allowing them to opt out of maturing. High school holds the richest lessons for students to learn, lessons not restricted to knowledge on a class subject but leads to knowledge about themselves. Permitting students to omit themselves from high school prevents the development of their self and alters their quality of life for the worse, setting the student on a path leading to failure post school. Immediately, upon choosing to opt out of high school and attend college, the student is at a disadvantage. This results from the student lacking opinions formed only in the classroom. They have no favorite class, where the subject interests the student, there is a connection on a personal level between the student and teacher from alike interests, and the teacher motivates the student to lead a life surrounding the subject of the class. Additionally, they have no least favorite class, where the student’s inability to connect with the teacher resulted from disinterest in the subject, lack of motivation from the teacher, or conflicting views with the teacher. The absence of favorite and least favorite classes creates an…show more content…
In similar terms, would the board of a corporation allow the ambitions of a child decide the fate of the company? The answer to both questions is no due to total lack of experience present in the child and the student’s opinions. In my experience, the opinions of my present self are drastically different from the opinions of myself ten years ago, so much so that any bystander can mistake them as two separate people. The fact of the matter being the opinions of a student leading up to high school are insufficient to allow the student to skip high school and be
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