Why We Should Always Be Forgiven

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Even though some people can hold a grudge for a lifetime, forgiveness is something people should do, because things could happen, and a friend or loved one would never know that they had been forgiven. Follow Matthew 6:14-15 and people should always be forgiven. Forgiveness may be the answer for keeping a friendship together for a lifetime.
First and foremost, a tragic thing could happen to a friend that wasn't forgiven. Things will always happen in a friendship that others will not like; however, you can do things to fix that, so forgive them because today might be the last day that they are on this Earth. The last thing said to them should be forgiveness and not "I hate you, I never want to see you again." If a friend crosses the line, talk to them and figure out what was wrong, and try to work through the difficult time without having hatred
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Forgiveness sets you free of the burden of hatred against another. Friendship has its ups and downs, but it all should be based on the forgiveness of others. "Forgive and you will be forgiven," Luke 6:37. However, sitting a corner and doing nothing seems like a good alternative, that will not bring a friend out of hatred, forgiveness is the only way to do that.
Last, but certainly not least is it can save a friendship. Forgiveness may not be easy to grant if a friend stole, or hurt another, but do what is possible to get that friend back. Talk about the situation with the friend and work out a way to say the beautiful friendship that has been created throughout the years. Look for the good in the bad situation to help forgiveness come to light. Forgiveness may just be the only way to save a friendship.
Although many people can hold grudges for silly things, forgiveness is always the answer for anything that happens. If forgiveness isn't possible listen to God, and follow his words about forgiveness . Keeping a friendship for a lifetime may just be based on
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