Why We Should Be Allowed To Chew Gum In School

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Imagine back to when you were in school and got an A on a test. Do you remember how great that felt? Imagine if students in your district could do that just by chewing gum. Statistics show that chewing gum before a test, improves your working, and episodic memory. Specific types of gum even clean your teeth and decrease cavities. There are many benefits to chewing gum. Therefore, students should be allowed to chew gum during school.

Chewing gum can improve test scores. Chewing gum causes the heart to pump more blood into the brain and wakes students up. It also helps their memory. A line of study proves that when you chew gum it pumps insulin into the bloodstream and helps students with diabetes, and helps how your memory works. This can also help students with ADD and ADHD because the simple motion of chewing calms kids and can help students with anxiety and stress according to Bridget McGuiggan, the director of communications in District 181.

Gum could also be used to increase attention and help students do better on mental tasks. According to a website called http://www.chewinggumfacts.com , studies show that a 20% increase in mental tasks are shown while chewing gum which makes students “smarter”. Rhythmic chewing increases attention which could
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Even so, Joan Baar a retired teacher and assistant principal at Butler Junior High, allowed students to chew gum as long as it wasn't a distraction. In 2012 when Baar turned over the desks in his classroom, not one piece of gum was stuck under any of his desks. Another teacher even has a “no mess, no noise” policy which means if anyone kept leaving wrappers or made noises with their gum he/she wouldn't let the student chew gum for a period of time. If gum was allowed in our school district, students might throw their gum away instead of under the desks just to be

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